Haley is a self-taught photographer who was born and raised in the lower Catskills just 100 miles north of NYC. 

She finds her images waiting pre-composed out in the world, which gives them the feeling of being both surprising and inevitable. Her urban photographs uncover the many dramas, sometimes felt but rarely seen, of the visual elements that scaffold urban life. Plants achieve an almost human luster; she captures them detached and serene as a classical painting. Her landscapes are cinematic and spacious, but never absent of the humor that underlies her entire body of work. Through them all, her images convey a striking range of emotion in the world of the inanimate.

She currently resides in Berkeley, CA. 


Limited edition prints available, pricing and details upon request.  



Sandalwood Gallery, 2017

Archive Collective Magazine, 2017

Son of a Gun Magazine, 2017

Pink Things Magazine, 2017

Phroom  Magazine, 2017

Archive Collective Magazine, 2016

Son of a Gun Magazine, 2016